Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Our Riding Lesson Program. . .

At Francis Creek Fjords, we instruct riders of all ages/ability levels in dressage and huntseat, and we encourage students to test what they learn in the arena by riding the trails, as well as to gain strength and balance by learning to jump.

We have a 60' x 100' indoor arena, a 125' x 175' outdoor jumping arena and another 70' x 140' schooling arena, and a 240' x 300' "mini" cross-country course.

This year, in addition to the regular lesson program, we've got some great things planned monthly: schooling/fun shows, weekly trail riding, and jumping.

We also offer horse training. Horses are schooled for balance, suppleness and willing forward movement, worked both in the arena and on the trail. Training horses are exposed to water, traffic, etc. and training programs are tailored to the owner's needs and the horse's athletic capabilities.

Looking forward to a great year of riding!

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Daniela said...

Hi Eby, it's so good to read you are now instructing in USA at such a great place. I hope you have had great experiences in Japan and that you will miss us. We love you, please come visit us. I want to ride with you again!


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